23 August 2015

From iPray to 2Pray

Recently I spent some time on the phone with James Black our North American Division Youth Director chatting about the prayer movement that is catching on across the US and Canada.

For more than 10 years James has hosted a prayer conference for youth. In 2012 he began to use the “iPray” wording to describe what was happening at the Just Claim It events.

Most recently he found out “iPray” was being used by other denominations and thought it was in the best interest for our purposes to change the name to “2Pray”

I like “2Pray” When I say it, it means I have to (2) pray. I also am reminded that where two or three are gathered in His name He is in the midst.

If there was ever a time to need community the time is now. I have a deep sense of my need to be praying with others. Coming to Father or practicing His presence when I am out and about. And to make it known I want to be stronger in praying with others wherever appropriate.

I want to great others with God’s blessing.

This prayer movement whatever it is going to be called is stretching me to draw deeper with God and others on our spiritual journey.